2020 U.S. Senate Pre-Endorsements

I know that it’s kinda too early for the 2020 U.S. elections but I want to give you the heads up in advance. As a centrist Democrat, I remain undecided about the U.S. Presidential elections because none of my most preferred Democratic candidates has declared for the presidential bid in the primary and general elections yet. I rather wait until next year or early 2020, depending on who I must like the conservative or centrist Democratic candidate.

For now, I focus on the U.S. Senate elections at this time. As the Democratic Party member, I have made my decisions to endorse the following centrist Democratic candidates whom I really like very much in the primary and general elections if they choose to run for the U.S. Senate bid or re-election.

  • Alabama: Doug Jones (running, re-election for the 1st full term)
  • Delaware: Chris Coons (running, re-election for the 2nd full term)
  • Georgia (in order of my preference): Jason Carter; Stacey Evans; Michelle Nunn; Scott Holcomb; Teresa Tomlinson; Sarah Riggs Amico
    I strongly oppose and despise Stacey Abrams and Jon Ossoff very much because they are the farthest-left socialists with pro-crime, pro-immigration, pro-poverty and anti-American patriotism AND only showing off with their gross-sickest “Hollywood celebrity” ambitions of the political careers that are deeply troubling me. Both Abrams and Ossoff had high expectations that resulted their losses in the general elections for good. In the worst-case scenario if either Abrams or Ossoff is eventually elected for the Democratic nomination, I will vote for incumbent Republican Senator David Perdue in the general election. To be clear, this does NOT mean that I’d endorse Senator Perdue BUT I rather want to ensure my vote AGAINST Abrams or Ossoff to be counted in the general election. Period.
  • Massachusetts (in order of my preference): U.S. Representative Seth Moulton (MA-06); U.S. Representative Joe Kennedy III (MA-04)
    I hope that one or both of my two preferences will enter the race to challenge 72-year-old one-term incumbent Senator Ed Markey in the primary election. Ed and his senatorial partner, Elizabeth Warren, are among the ten WORST Senators on my list. Both Ed and Elizabeth are HORRIBLE Senators with a lot of obstruction and extreme partisanship within the farthest-left Socialist Party. GROSS! Therefore, I pray that Seth Moulton or Joe Kennedy III jumps into the race to challenge and DEFEAT Ed in the primary election!
  • Michigan: Gary Peters (re-election for the 2nd term)
  • Montana: Steve Bullock, incumbent Governor of Montana
    Governor Steve Bullock has the strong bipartisanship and is a centrist Democrat like myself. He will have my endorsement if he chooses to run the Senate bid challenging against incumbent Republican Senator Steve Daines. He has not made any announcement yet.
  • New Jersey: U.S. Representative Josh Gottheimer (NJ-05)
    I definitely will endorse Josh Gottheimer if he chooses to challenge against incumbent evil-socialist, farthest-left liberal and baddest/worst Senator Cory Booker in the primary election. Josh is my most preference in my former Garden State because the centrist Democrat has the stronger bipartisanship than Cory, who is extremely partisan within the farthest-left Socialist Party. Time to VOTE Cory OUT!!! Go for Josh!!!!!!
  • Virginia (in order of my preference): Mark Warner (re-election for the 3rd term); former Governor Terry McAuliffe
    Normally, I strongly support the U.S. term limits that each Senator should serve only two six-year terms. However, in this case, Mark Warner is very special to me. I really like him a lot as the most respectful and centrist Democratic Senator. Like my favorite Democratic Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia, Mark has the stronger bipartisanship than many Democratic Senators. I strongly believe that the U.S. Senate really needs the bipartisan voices. Therefore, I will endorse Mark if he choses to run for his re-election. He is still young in his late 50s or early 60s, around same age as my another favorite Democratic Senator Tim Kaine, his senatorial partner from the same state. Not bad. In case if Mark chooses to retire and let former Governor Terry McAuliffe to jump into the race, Terry will have my full endorsement.

To be fair to the Republican women with true integrity and decency in the U.S. Senate, I have decided to endorse the following incumbent Senators regardless of my disagreement with their political views on some issues:

* Iowa: Joni Ernst (running, re-election for the 2nd term)
* Maine: Susan Collins (re-election for the 5th term, only remaining Republican on Maine’s congressional delegation)
* Mississippi: Cindy Hyde-Smith (re-election for the 1st full term)
* West Virginia: Shelley Moore Capito (re-election for the 2nd term)

Joni Ernst has declared that she is running for her re-election while the three other women’s intentions remain unknown at this point. Notably, like Senators Manchin and Warner, centrist Republican Susan Collins has the strong bipartisanship on many issues.

Following the 2018 elections, the number of the Senate Democratic Caucus’ women remains the same at 17 with no net. They added two women in Arizona (Kyrsten Sinema) and Nevada (Jacky Rosen); however, they lost two women in Missouri (Claire McCaskill) and North Dakota (Heidi Heitkamp). There is no net of loss or gain for them. Meanwhile, the Senate Republican Caucus has a net of one gain from six to seven women after U.S. Representative Marsha Blackburn (TN-07) won the open seat and became the first woman ever to be elected to the U.S. Senate from Tennessee in history. In the 116th U.S. Congress, the U.S. Senate will set a new historical record of most 24 women, consisting of 17 Democrats and 7 Republicans.

That’s all for now.

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