My 2020 Endorsements (4th Round)

  • Georgia: Following a disappointing loss of my original endorsed candidate Teresa Tomlinson in my Democratic Party’s primary race, I have already endorsed my second choice of incumbent Republican Senator David Perdue in the general election for the main reasons: (1) serious concerns of my top priorities — national security, election protection, immigration, pro-growth on economy and First Amendment of our rights and freedom; (2) my strong opposition to my own Democratic party’s all-time worst controversial nominee Jon Ossoff, who is clearly UNFIT to serve in any public office or our nation.
  • Kansas: After my original endorsed candidate Susan Wagle dropped out of this race prior to the deadline of the candidacy filing, I am officially endorsing U.S. Representative Roger Marshall (KS-01) for Kansas’ U.S. Senate seat currently held by retiring Senator Pat Roberts because the doctor is the only best-qualified candidate with the moderate wing. I strongly oppose bigot Kris Kobach and DSCC’s handpick of former Republican Barbara Bollier in protest against DSCC.
  • Kentucky and Oklahoma: Both longtime Senators Mitch McConnell of Kentucky and Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma are obviously career politicians of over 30 years in the US Congress. They are over 75 years old. Both states deserve the fresh bloods of the younger US Senators to represent them for next six years. In Kentucky’s Democratic primary race, I strongly oppose DSCC’s handpick of Amy McGrath in protest. I plan to endorse a Democratic nominee except McGrath against McConnell in the general election. In Oklahoma’s race, I am endorsing most likely frontrunner and centrist Democrat Abby Broyles against the old man Inhofe! Abby is a young Claire McCaskill woman in her late 30s or early 40s.
  • FL-19: My first endorsed candidate Heather Fitzenhagen, a state representative, dropped out of this race in order to run for a state senate seat where she is primarying a sole Republican candidate. Therefore, I have switched my endorsement to African-American state representative Byron Donalds because the House Republican caucus lacks diversity of the members. Will Hurd (TX-23) is the sole black Republican in the House but unfortunately he is retiring in the end of this year.
  • GA-14: The two candidates have advanced to the Republican primary runoff race to replace retiring Republican congressman Tom Graves. I am endorsing John Cowan against Marjorie Taylor Greene in the Republican primary runoff race because I am deeply troubled by Greene’s embarrassing racial comments about black people and Muslims. Greene reminds me of soon-be-former congressman Steve King (IA-04) as she is kinda a white supremacist or neo-Confederate supporter. Yikes! As for those reasons, House Republican leaders Kevin McCarthy and Steve Scalise, about half of Georgia’s current Republican congressional members and former GA-06 congresswoman Karen Handel have condemned Greene’s racism and bigotry. The people of Northwest Georgia deserves a true leader to represent them. It is very unfortunate that Greene happens to be a woman who is clearly UNFIT to serve in any public office or our country. That leaves only Cowan as a non-controversial male candidate in the Republican primary runoff race.
  • IL-15: The House Republican caucus currently has only 13 women and continues struggling to catch up with the Democratic caucus’ number of women that is more than five times. That is one of the main reasons why I am supporting Mary Miller to win the open seat and become one of the new Republican women with integrity and decency.
  • VA-05: Freshman incumbent moderate Republican congressman Denver Riggleman lost his renomination to far-right conservative and heavily underfunded candidate Bob Good at the congressional district convention. I agree with Denver’s good point concerning the voting irregularities and voter frauds that happened in Georgia’s 2018 gubernatorial election where now-Governor Brian Kemp barely survived winning by only 2 points. I cannot stand bigot Bob Good because he CHEATED on Denver at the convention! GROSS! Therefore, I am endorsing Democratic candidate Cameron Webb, a young and handsome African-American doctor. Of course, I will be endorsing a Democratic nominee against horrible controversial Republican nominee Bob Good in the general election.




🌺Marian🌸 • Fashion Designer • Artist • Avid 🏀 and NBA Fan • Author • Vegan

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MA Redpine

MA Redpine

🌺Marian🌸 • Fashion Designer • Artist • Avid 🏀 and NBA Fan • Author • Vegan

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