My Theory: Arizona’s U.S. Senate for 2020

  • Florida (2018): On the Election Day, term-limited Governor Rick Scott was declared as a winner, successfully unseating 76-year-old three-term incumbent Democratic Senator Bill Nelson. Rick led Bill by more than 50K votes on that night. Somehow, next three days, Rick’s lead was blatantly shrinking to about 12K votes! Rick was so furious about the potential voting fraud, so he aggressively fought very hard against the voting fraud through his lawyers. Under Florida’s law, when the margin is under 0.5%, the machine recount is mandatory. The manual recount is mandatory for any margin under 0.25%. The manual recount confirmed that Rick Scott was a winner with a lead of a little more 10K votes over Bill Nelson.
  • Georgia (2018): In the Gubernatorial race, Republican Brian Kemp was leading Democrat Stacey Abrams by about 75K votes on the Election Day; however, this race remained uncalled for about a week. The absentee and provisional ballots came in to be continued counting. Following the Election Day, Stacey aggressively fought for a recount or runoff election for almost two weeks until she called it off. While she firmly refused to concede, she acknowledged that she trailed Brian by about 55K votes and could not win this race. Stacey is a very tough woman fighting for the voting rights, although I don’t agree with her on the election and some other progressive issues. At the same time, Brian Kemp was also very aggressive to fight very hard against the voting fraud and abuses before he prevailed winning the gubernatorial open seat.
  • Mississippi (2014): Four years ago, in the U.S. Senate race, 42-year-old far-right conservative state senator Chris McDaniel narrowly defeated 77-year-old six-term incumbent Senator Thad Cochran in the Republican primary election; however, neither received more than 50% of the votes. McDaniel and Cochran advanced to the runoff election. Cochran and his allies hired somebody to recruit the African-American Democrats to vote for him to defeat McDaniel. Cochran barely survived when he narrowly defeated McDaniel by only 2% (51–49) in the runoff election. Afterward, McDaniel firmly refused to concede because he knew something wrong with the voting fraud and abuses. McDaniel was very furious and aggressive to fight very hard against the voting fraud but unfortunately he lost his case that his campaign’s request for access to poll books without voters’ birthdates blacked out was rejected by Mississippi State Supreme Court.




🌺Marian🌸 • Fashion Designer • Artist • Avid 🏀 and NBA Fan • Author • Vegan

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MA Redpine

MA Redpine

🌺Marian🌸 • Fashion Designer • Artist • Avid 🏀 and NBA Fan • Author • Vegan

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