Statement on Biden’s VP Running Mate Selection

UPDATED: 16 Aug 2020 at 12:25 PM EST

I, Marian (D-Georgia), issued this statement after 2020 Democratic Presidential nominee and former Vice President Joe Biden has selected California’s US Senator Kamala Harris for his Vice Presidential running mate today.

First of all, Kamala Harris is the only third female Vice Presidential nominee of either majority party on the presidential ticket in the US history. She is also the first woman of color ever for the Vice Presidential nomination on the majority-party ticket. She is Jamaican (father) and Indian (mother). She is not alone. To be fair, I am also a woman of color (Japanese-American) with a deformed face and have been deaf since my birth. Therefore, I clarify that this is NOT about a woman or color of skin. The gender and race have nothing with the politics on this subject. My point is about Kamala’s political background that you need to know.

Regardless of the gender and race, I am extremely very disappointed in Joe Biden for making the all-time worst decision ever I have seen from any Democratic Presidential nominee in my entire life. In truth, I am deeply troubled by Kamala’s disastrous ultra-left liberal agenda in my entitled opinion based on my American and Christian beliefs. There are a lot of the things you need to know about who the REAL Kamala Harris is as the corrupted and evil politician:

  • Ultra-liberal, far-left wing, ultra-progressive, Democratic socialist and even communist like ‘The Squad’ consisting of Anti-American and Anti-Semitic congresswomen Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (NY-14), Ilhan Omar (MN-05), Ayanna Pressley (MA-07) and Rashida Tlaib (MI-13).
  • All-time most radical left, Anti-American and Anti-Semitic nominee ever for the Vice President in the US history! WHEW!
  • Recklessly raising the massive tax hikes on the hardworking American citizens and families.
  • Always puts the illegal immigrants and criminal terrorists first over the American citizens and veterans.
  • Decriminalizing illegal immigration and border crossings through the disastrous Sanctuary cities and states.
  • Recklessly neglecting and abandoning the American citizens into homeless, especially in her state of California. GROSS!
  • Giving free welfare for the illegal immigrants at the American taxpayers’ unfair expenses.
  • Defunding police that puts the American citizens into serious danger.
  • Abolishing the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE); racially comparing ICE to the KKK.
  • Carelessly believes that looting and rioting are the “peaceful protests”. SICKO!
  • Supports the disastrous $32-trillion “Medicare-for-All” single-payer healthcare plan. The “Medicare for All” Act (S. 1129) would eliminate the private healthcare insurances, causing 200 millions of the hardworking Americans getting sicker and possibly dying earlier. They would lose their preferred doctors, dentists and healthcares as well. UNFAIR!
  • Supports the disastrous $93-trillion Green New Deal, causing massive inconveniences and serious concerns about transportations (especially vehicles and airlines)
  • Supports the disastrous ultra-liberal Voting Rights Act that includes the ballot harvesting causing the massive election and voting frauds. This Act wrongly allows the criminal felons, terrorists, sex offenders and non-American citizens (illegal immigrants) to register and vote the ballot from the prison or any other non-polling place. WTF A JOKE!
  • Recklessly urges her supporters to donate to some bad groups that bail out the criminals including murder suspects and convicted rapists. SICKO!
  • Extreme BIGOT against the Christian, Catholic and Jewish religions and churches. Please check out the fact of her shameful vote in opposition against Israel in February 2019.
  • Supports to expand the nine-member U.S. Supreme Court by adding at least two liberal justices against the U.S. Constitution.
  • 6th most partisan US Senator ever in 2019 and 246th out of the 250 current and former Senators on the Lugar Center’s Senatorial Lifetime Bipartisan Scores report (1993–2018), according to the Lugar Center’s bipartisan reports.
  • Most liberal US Senator ever in 2019, according to the GovTrack’s ideology score report.
  • Has a history of the bad, horrible and lawless reputations during her Attorney General of California tenure.
  • Has always embraced an extreme liberal agenda, not the rule of law, during her Attorney General of California and current US Senatorial tenures.
  • Endangered the citizens with her “indifference to systemic [violations]” in a crime lab scandal that led to the dismissal of about 1000 cases during her San Francisco District Attorney tenure.

Kamala Harris is the all-time WORST Democratic Vice Presidential nominee ever I have seen in my whole life! GROSS!!!!! Therefore, I cannot in good conscience support my own party’s ticket for the President and Vice President. Had Joe Biden picked a non-controversial VP running mate with the moderate wing (i.e. former 2020 presidential candidates — Colorado’s US Senator Michael Bennet, Minnesota’s US Senator Amy Klobuchar and Montana Governor Steve Bullock; New Hampshire’s US Senator Maggie Hassan; Kentucky Governor and former Attorney General Andy Beshear; even Arizona’s freshman US Senator Kyrsten Sinema), I would definitely endorse my own party’s presidential ticket. Unfortunately in reality, Kamala is the all-time worst controversial, most dangerous and corrupted nominee ever I have seen on the presidential majority-party ticket, citing her horribly ultra-radical liberal policies against the hardworking American citizens and bigotries against the Christian religions. As for those main reasons, I firmly REFUSE to vote for Kamala Harris on any ballot as I am fiercely holding her accountable for her evil, lawless and unconstitutional agenda that massively harms the hardworking Americans very much. She is so EVIL! Therefore, I regret that I won’t vote for my own Democratic Party’s presidential ticket this year. As you see, that was why I was very wise to remain non-committal on the 2020 Presidential race in the general election until Joe Biden made the official announcement of his VP running mate selection. Since my first knowledge about the Presidential election in 1980 and my first vote in 1992, Biden-Harris is the all-time worst Democratic presidential ticket ever I have seen in my entire life! GROSS!!!!!

Unlike the last seven Presidential elections (1992 thru 2016) in which I had endorsed my Democratic Party’s presidential ticket, I stay neutral with NO endorsement in the Presidential race this year. I rather let the American voters to decide and elect the nominee and his/her running mate for the President and Vice President. Good Luck to all nominees and their running mates in the 2020 US Presidential race!

If Kamala Harris is elected for the 49th Vice President, GOOD NIGHT to the United States of America! WATCH OUT of this Witch!!!!!