Politics: First 2022 Endorsements

One year and nine months ahead of the 2022 US Elections, I, Marian (I/D-Georgia), have made the first endorsements ever for the incumbents’ re-elections and a couple of the non-incumbent candidates. As an Independent and former centrist Democrat, I strictly endorse the moderate or centrist candidates of the Democratic or Republican Party. Keep in mind that I don’t always agree with them on some issues but I assure that they have good consciences on how to vote for or against some issues. Their integrity, decency and principles are crucial as well. Here is a list of my first endorsements for now.

United States Senate
~ Alaska: Lisa Murkowski
~ Colorado: Michael Bennet
~ Florida: Marco Rubio
~ New Hampshire: Maggie Hassan
~ South Carolina: Tim Scott

US House Representatives from Clinton/Biden Districts
~ CA-21 David Valadao
~ CA-25 Mike Garcia
~ CA-39 Young Kim
~ CA-48 Michelle Steel
~ FL-26 Carlos A. Gimenez
~ FL-27 Maria Elvira Salazar

~ Arkansas: Lt Gov Tim Griffin for the open seat
~ California: Ex-Mayor Kevin Faulconer
~ Georgia: Brian Kemp
~ Texas: Greg Abbott

As for the US Senate, I am endorsing the only five incumbent moderate-wing Senators at this time, especially Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and Marco Rubio of Florida. I am deeply concerned that both Murkowski and Rubio are most likely facing the primary pro-Trump challengers on the right in the upcoming months. Former US President Donald Trump and bigoted pro-Trump ally Steve Bannon are threatening Murkowski, Rubio and numerous other Republican incumbents including my Georgia Governor Brian Kemp. I strongly denounce both Trump and Bannon’s disgraceful bigotries, bullies, lies, racisms and ultra-right conspiracies!

Florida: I am deeply troubled about former President Trump’s first daughter, Ivanka Trump who I always despise very much. Based on Rubio’s votes to certify President Joe Biden’s election in both Arizona and Pennsylvania, Bannon highly recommends that Ivanka Trump would be the best challenger to Rubio in Florida’s 2022 US Senate race. The Trump family is always generated in New York and never belongs to any other state. Suppose Ivanka runs to challenge Rubio in Florida, she would VIOLATE Florida’s law that requires a resident of its state prior to running the campaign. WHEW! Ivanka Trump is very INSANE and EVIL WITCH! Also, ultra-right pro-Trump, neo-Confederate bigoted US Congressman Matt Gaetz (FL-01) is a potential challenger to Rubio. That is why I am officially endorsing Marco Rubio for his re-election as he deserves it! NO Thanks to Matt Gaetz and Ivanka Trump!!! GROSS!!!!!

As for the US House of Representatives, I am endorsing the only six moderate Republican incumbents from California and Florida for their re-elections at this time because their Democratic-leaning congressional districts are expected to be heavily very competitive ever in next year’s mid-term elections. Valadao (who was originally elected in 2012 and narrowly lost re-election in 2018) and five freshmen are expected to face the tough re-elections in the Democratic-leaning districts that President Joe Biden and 2016 Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton carried in the last two presidential elections. None of them have made the official announcements of their re-elections yet but they are expected to do so in the upcoming months.

There are two cases that I endorse the non-incumbent candidates in the 2022 Gubernatorial races for the following reasons.

Arkansas: Incumbent Governor Asa Hutchinson is term-limited. I am endorsing current Arkansas Lieutenant Governor Tim Griffin for the open seat because he is facing pro-Trump candidate and former Trump White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders in the primary race next year. Sanders has received numerous endorsements from the only national Washington politicians including former US President Donald Trump and his son, Don Jr., outside the Natural State. With an exception of her father — former Governor Mike Huckabee, no single statewide or local politician, and no single congressional delegation member from the Natural State have ever endorsed a candidate in the Republican primary race yet. I don’t think that it is really fair to the two well-known statewide candidates, Lt Gov Griffin and Attorney General Leslie Rutledge, both who are term-limited for their current positions. I strongly believe that only Arkansas voters will decide to elect one candidate for the Republican Party’s gubernatorial nomination and don’t need to listen to the national Washington politicians’ nepotism of high-profile Sanders. Since Griffin has been in the second highest ranking position statewide for six years, he better deserves his votes to replace term-limited Hutchinson as the next Governor of Arkansas! Sanders has NEVER been in any highest ranking position statewide….NOTHING!!!!!! VOTE for Tim Griffin in 2022 Arkansas Republican primary election!

California: As a California native and former resident, I am seriously concerned that all-time worst ultra-progressive socialist Governor of California Gavin Newsom has persisted causing the massive damages against the American citizens in the Golden State — criminal rate skyrocketing, massive tax hikes, lockdowns during the COVID-19 pandemic, and homeless population skyrocketing. The COVID-19 lockdowns have severely harmed thousands of the small businesses, causing them to close down. A few big corporations have been moved to Texas or another state, citing the lockdowns and unfairly high taxes. That is why I am endorsing former San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer as he is the only best Republican candidate to defeat Newsom. By that way, if elected, Faulconer will be able to restore the Golden State like he had done in San Diego during his eight-year mayoral tenure.

I wish my all first endorsed candidates the Best Luck in running their 2022 campaigns! Onward!

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