Statement about GA’s 2020 POTUS Race

I, Marian (D-GA), have issued my statement regarding the 2020 US Presidential Election results in my current state of Georgia.

As Georgia’s voters have clearly spoken, 46th President-elect and former Vice President Joe Biden has become the first Democratic presidential nominee ever to win Georgia in almost three decades since 1992 in which Bill Clinton was the last Democrat to carry the Peach State. First-term incumbent Republican President Donald Trump and his legal team have struggled fighting to get the election results overturned in Georgia and the five other swing states. Trump has bragged that the 2020 presidential election is very rigged with the massive frauds in favor for Biden but more than 90% of the state and local politicians of both parties in Georgia, Arizona, Nevada, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin have rebutted Trump’s claims of the election frauds and system irregularities.

As a Georgia resident and voter, I was very embarrassed by Trump’s childish and egoistic behavior towards my Governor Brian Kemp, Lt Governor Geoff Duncan and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, all Republicans, on his personal Twitter account. Trump has personally and angrily demanded Kemp, Duncan and Raffensperger to take the special session where the Republican-controlled legislature could overturn Biden’s victory and select the 16 electors of Trump’s party. NO! The all-time bigot worst president is totally WRONG!

I proudly applaud Governor Kemp, Lt Governor Duncan and SoS Raffensperger for upholding the law, integrity and fairness when they declined to do so. They had counted legally cast ballots three times but the results remained the same that Biden narrowly won the Peach State by roughly 12K votes. Trump must understand that Kemp, Duncan and Raffensperger must do their jobs and cannot take anything personally in favor for Trump or any other candidate on their official duties as the Governor, Lt Governor and Secretary of State respectively. As the officials, they must be very cautious of what they would do and reserve the rights to prevent any potential violation against the state or federal constitution.

On his personal Twitter account, Trump recklessly took his personal attacks on my Governor, Lt Governor and SoS that extremely embarrassed me in disgust! I disagree with Trump that Kemp, Duncan and Raffensperger are RINOs (Republicans in Name Only). All those three Georgia officials are the moderate conservatives and have supported Trump for the president but unfortunately they have no other choice to acknowledge the facts that Joe Biden has won the most popular vote in our state. As the officials, they must maintain their integrity, decency and fairness to all people of our state and comply with the state and federal laws. Nepotism of a candidate is strictly prohibited during their official duties!

In truth, I proudly stand with my Governor Kemp, Lt Governor Duncan and SoS Raffensperger because they strictly maintain their integrity, fairness and professionalism to ALL people of the Peach State. They have REBUTTED Trump’s allegations of the election frauds and system irregularities!

It is clearly time for President Trump to CONCEDE his defeat to Joe Biden since Biden has already been elected to the 46th President of the United States. Trump must move on, stop behaving like a crying baby and GROW UP!!!!! What an embarrassment!

As you see, I understand why Donald Trump’s presidential re-election has been REJECTED. Joe Biden is much mature, professional and compassionate and behaves very well, so that is why the American voters have elected Biden to restore our American democracy as our next President of the United States.

🌺Marian🌸 • Fashion Designer • Artist • Avid 🏀 and NBA Fan • Author • Vegan