Statement on GA’s US Senate Runoff Results

I, Marian (D-GA), have issued this statement regarding Georgia’s two US Senate runoff election results.

All-time worst controversial politicians Kamala Harris, Jon Ossoff, Raphael Warnock and Stacey Abrams

I am extremely very disappointed that both of my endorsed candidates, incumbent Senators David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler, lost the runoff races to the all-time horribly worst candidates of my own party. I could not in good conscience support my party’s all-time worst and most unqualified nominees, Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock, in Georgia’s US Senate election history.

Ossoff and Warnock
* Hollywood-elite Grifters and BIGOTS
* Ultra-Left Communists/Socialists and Anti-Americans (very dangerous!)
* Self-ambitions of their political careers and DON’T care about Georgia’s citizens!
* Pro-criminal (i.e. defunding police, supporting murders — GROSS!)
* Pro-immigration (i.e. free welfare and citizenship to the illegals at the American taxpayers’ expenses)
* Anti-Military
* Massive tax hikes
* Anti-religious liberty (especially Christianity)
* Power Grabs: Adding DC and Puerto Rico statehoods to expand the Democratic Senators
* Silencing American citizens in violation of the First Amendment on the Bills of Rights
* Eliminate the filibuster to enact the far-left agenda
* Pack the courts
* Supporting the disastrous ultra-liberal Voting Rights Act (ballot harvesting, allowing criminal felons, terrorists, sex offenders and non-citizens to register and vote the ballot from the prison or any other non-polling place, same-day registration)

* Only 33 years old with lacks of maturity and professionalism
* Very dangerous and weak on the National Security
* NO accomplishments of anything within the business corporations

* Criminal felon
* Sex predator
* Domestic violence against his wife

Although I understand that Georgia people have spoken, I personally feel like that both Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock are NOT and will NEVER be my US Senators! Period! They will be the all-time worst and most controversial US Senators ever from my own state. YIKES! Also, I cannot believe how DARE 2.28M Georgians voted for the most controversial sex predator, domestic abuser and criminal felon Warnock! Oh my please! What the heck an embarrassment! GROSS!!!!!!

To be clear, this is NOT about Democratic versus Republican in any race. It is about America and Freedom versus Foreign Country (i.e. China, Cuba, Iran) and Communism. Both Ossoff and Warnock are clearly communists tied with China and don’t care about Georgia’s people. They are clearly UNFIT to serve in the US Congress. YIKES!

Plus, all-time most controversial ultra-leftist communist Vice President-elect Kamala Harris is the biggest factor why I did not vote for my own Democratic Party’s presidential ticket last November. Next time in 2024, I will write-in Joe Biden with the different Vice Presidential candidate’s name of my preference unless no one from the all-time bigot Trump family is the nominee on the Republican presidential ticket. I will NEVER vote for Kamala Harris and Donald Trump and anyone in the Trump family, period! Kamala is really a BIG DEAL and EVIL WITCH!!! The Trump family is very TRASHY!!! I fiercely continue holding Kamala Harris and outgoing President Trump accountable for harming the American citizens!

Again, it is NOT about Democratic versus Republican. Like outgoing Republican President Donald Trump, don’t forget that 2018 failed Georgia Democratic gubernatorial nominee Stacey Abrams still has NOT conceded her defeat to now-Governor Brian Kemp. They believe that their elections were rigged with the frauds, irregularities and voter suppression but NO evidence has ever been found. They are both very radical and have caused destroying our democracy and republic. SHAME on Trump and Abrams!

That is why I strongly felt last night and today that it has been seriously very scary to death! In fact, the Democrats have recaptured the Senate majority at 50–50 with the incoming Vice President’s breaking tie on 20 Jan 2021. I am seriously very anxious about how the ultra-left socialist agenda impacts our America. It is very SCARY and dangerous! Whew!

Also, I am announcing that I am officially leaving the Democratic Party to become an unaffiliated Independent because I am so saddened that today’s Democratic Party has been turning more left and farther left than the grandparents’ old centrist Democratic Party. For example, Georgia’s modern Democratic Party is NOT former Presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton and former US Senators Sam Nunn and Zell Miller’s party of the older versions anymore. To be fair, today’s Republican Party has been turning more right and farther right than the grandparents’ old moderate Republican Party during Abraham Lincoln, Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush’s presidential tenures. How SAD! You are strongly urged to read my article about why both major parties are damaged during President Trump’s era.

As an Independent and centrist, I can vote for either Democratic or Republican candidate depending on how much I support his/her political agenda.

Rest In Peace, America from July 4, 1776 to January 20, 2021

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