H.R. 1/S. 1 “For the People Act of 2021”

I, Marian (I/D-Georgia), have issued this statement about why I strongly oppose the H.R. 1 and S.1 For the People Act of 2021” legislation. First of all, the only thing bipartisan about the H.R. 1 legislation was the opposition in the US House of Representatives when the massive voter rights and election reform package was approved on a nearly party-line vote of 220–210 last week. I applauded lone Democrat Rep. Bennie Thompson (MS-02) for his conscience by voting against the H.R. 1 bill on behalf of his district constituents over his colleagues despite his co-sponsorship of the legislation.

The H.R. 1 legislation heads to the US Senate where is split 50–50 between the Democrats and Republicans. Under the Senate’s filibuster rule, any legislation requires the 3/5 or 60% majority of the vote to advance and would need at least ten Republicans to support this bill.

Question: What is the H.R. 1 or S. 1 “For the People Act of 2021” bill?
Answer: This bill addresses the voter access, election integrity and security, campaign finance, and ethics for the three branches of government.

At the federal level, the H.R. 1 and S.1 “For the People Act of 2021” legislations known as the voting rights and election reform package would:
* Prohibit the state-level deadlines of voter registration.
* Expand the voter registration (automatic and same-day registration).
* Expand the early voting access and absentee (vote-by-mail) voting.
* Prohibit the voter roll purges in all 50 states. (For example: inactive voters in the last 3–5 election years; deceased persons; former state residents; criminal prisoners)
* Prohibit the state-level voter (photo) identification laws.
* Accept the absentee ballots a few or several days after the Election Day.
* Prohibit the witness signatures on the absentee ballots.
* Force all 50 states to legalize the ballot harvesting.
* Restore the voting rights for the criminal felons and prisoners.
* Allow all felons, illegal immigrants and even minors to vote.
* Prohibit the partisan gerrymandering of the congressional districts.
* Require the presidential and vice-presidential nominees to release ten years of tax returns.
* Impose the new campaign finance rules.
* Require additional disclosure of campaign donors and disclaimers on the political advertising.

Whew! Both H.R. 1 and S.1 legislations are extremely very dangerous and an unconstitutional ultra-progressive power grab that would enable the voter frauds and election irregularities! It is the all-time massive WORST hyper-partisan in favor for the Democrats only. Since I grew up with my Republican parents and know a number of my Republican friends, I can understand why no single Republican in the US House has ever supported this horrible bill.

However, I support only last four item lines listed on the H.R. 1 bill but I cannot support the entire voting rights and election reform package. I strongly believe that the US Congress should separate one legislation for each of those last four item lines: gerrymandering; presidential and vice presidential nominees releasing 10 years of tax returns; new campaign finance policy; additional disclosure of the campaign donors and disclaimers on the political advertising. By that way, I could support those separate legislations. Those four items should NOT be in part of the voting rights and election reform package! What a JOKE!

As an American citizen and registered voter, I am furiously very disappointed in President Joe Biden for his shameful signing of the voter registration executive order that is totally unconstitutional! Under all-time worst ultra-progressive Vice President Kamala Harris’s evil influence, Biden has pressed on the US Senate to pass the dangerous hyper-partisan voting rights and election reform package as soon as possible. SHAME on President Biden!!!!!!

Therefore, that is why I firmly cannot in good conscience support this HORRIBLE hyper-partisan bill! NO THANKS! The Voting Rights Reform and Fair Election Integrity legislations must be BIPARTISAN with strong support from all Democrats, Republicans and Independents, PERIOD!

Whenever the H.R. 1 or S.1 bill is brought to the floor for the vote, I strongly urge all 100 US Senators to OPPOSE and REJECT this horrible bill!

UPDATE: March 24, 2021 after the S.1 bill has been announced earlier this week.