Statement on Trump Impeachment Trial 2/13/21

I, Marian (I/D-GA), issued this statement after the US Senate acquitted former US President Donald John Trump (R-NY) for an article of inciting insurrections at the US Capitol dated 6 Jan 2021 in the second impeachment trial yesterday. The Senate’s 57–43 in favor of convicting Trump fell short of the required 2/3 supermajority.

Yesterday was just beginning as the saddest day for our American nation. I will NEVER understand why 43 of the 50 Republican Senators shamefully acquitted Trump. On the other side, I proudly applauded only seven Republicans for their greatest courage, integrity and decency to join all 50 Democratic-caucus Senators to convict Trump because he clearly betrayed his US Constitution and oath of office as then-President on that day.

If I were a member in the US Senate regardless of my party, I would definitely vote ‘Guilty’ against 45th US President Trump for the three main reasons:

  • In the last days of his presidency, Trump recklessly incited the all-time worst and most violent insurrection ever against his own government because he obviously did not like the outcome of the free and fair election results that now-President Joe Biden won by more than 7 millions votes. No other president had ever done before until Trump did so. What a DISGRACE!
  • Trump betrayed his US Constitution and oath of office by failing to protect the US Capitol, then-Vice President Mike Pence (R-IN) and others in the Capitol while Pence and US Congress members were in progress of certifying the 2020 presidential electoral college results.
  • As a constituent and resident in the Peach State of Georgia, I was furiously appalled that Trump recklessly harassed and pressured my state’s Governor Brian Kemp, Lt Governor Geoff Duncan and especially Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to falsify the presidential election results in MY state! Good news, I proudly applauded my state’s three Republican officials for upholding the election integrity to acknowledge that Biden narrowly won our state by roughly 12K votes.

Had the US Senate hold the second vote to prevent Trump from running for office in the future, I would vote ‘Yea’. I strongly believe that Trump should NOT run for the public office again ever in the future! He is massively very dangerous and violent for our American nation and citizens. Don’t forget the fact that Trump became the first and only US President ever to be impeached twice in history! That is why I have insisted that Donald John Trump of New York is the all-time WORST CORRUPTED, most CHILDISH and most VIOLENT President of the United States ever we have witnessed in the American history! SICKO and GROSS!

My Predictions: Republican Party of the Future
I predict and personally hope that none of the 43 Republican Senators (who voted against the impeachment) and Trump family will ever become the Republican presidential nominee in 2024 and beyond. To be clear, I predict that the 2024 Republican presidential nominee will be somebody else such as former US Ambassador and former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and even former Vice President Mike Pence.

Regardless of the political party, I will NEVER endorse anyone in the all-time bigoted wealthiest Trump family in any political campaign, citing the Trump family’s bad histories of numerous corruptions, briberies, ethical violations and even nepotisms of their family members and relatives instead of hiring other non-family persons to work in the White House. For an example, unlike the traditional US Presidents (including Biden), Donald Trump hired his first daughter, Ivanka Trump, to be the Senior Advisor to the President and son-in-law, Jared Kushner (Ivanka’s husband), to be the Director of the Office of American Innovation in the White House. What a JOKE! As you see, that is why I always dislike the entire Trump family, especially ex-President Trump, Donald Jr. and Ivanka! YUCK!!!

I am extremely disappointed in ALL 43 Republican Senators for acquitting the all-time most dangerous violent, bigoted and corrupted traitor, Donald Trump! What a disgrace and embarrassment! Based on their shameful votes allying with Trump, I predict that they will LOSE their re-election bids in the battleground states during the next three election cycles (2022, 2024 and 2026) regardless of my endorsements of some incumbents’ re-election campaigns. Watch out!

What a SADDEST Day ever for our American nation!

UPDATE on 15 Feb 2021: I just want to make clear about how the Republican or Democratic Party can be impacted in the future. Generally, the sitting US President is the leader of the partisan-party National Committee during his or her presidential tenure.

  • Republican Party: Since Donald Trump is a private citizen and no longer the President, he is clearly is NO LONGER the leader of the national Republican Party. I strongly urge all registered Republicans in the nation to forget about Trump and move on to rebuild its Party in the post-Trump era. The Republican National Committee (RNC) is now independent without its leader of the party until the Republican presidential nominee eventually wins the election.
  • Democratic Party: Incumbent President Joe Biden is currently the leader of the national Democratic Party. Following his 2020 presidential election victory, he nominated former South Carolina Democratic Party chairman and 2020 US Senate nominee Jaime Harrison and Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer for the new chair and vice chair of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) respectively. Harrison was eventually elected by the DNC delegates to succeed former US Secretary of Labor Tom Perez.

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