All-Time Worst Controversial VPOTUS Ever!

  • VP Harris recklessly made an all-time childish laugh in response to a reporter’s question on whether she had any plan to visit the southern border.
  • Unlike her predecessors in the last three decades, she is totally DISGRACEFUL for NOT saluting the military when she arrives at or steps off the Air Force Two (or any other military) plane.
  • She was totally disrespectful that she recklessly laughed when she was discussing about the struggling parents who were unable to send their kids to school.
  • Even though US President Joe Biden (D-DE) tapped Harris to lead the White House effort to tackle the migration challenge at the southern border and work with Central American nations to address root causes of the problem, Harris recklessly neglects and continues her own journey. On April 14th, Harris is reportedly NOT in charge of the border and has no plans to visit the border. What the heck kind of the Vice President role she does have? What an embarrassment!




🌺Marian🌸 • Fashion Designer • Artist • Avid 🏀 and NBA Fan • Author • Vegan

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MA Redpine

MA Redpine

🌺Marian🌸 • Fashion Designer • Artist • Avid 🏀 and NBA Fan • Author • Vegan

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