My Thoughts about Biden-Harris Presidential Ticket

I, Marian (D-Georgia), want to share my personal thoughts about the 2020 US Presidential election results, focusing on the projected winners of the President and Vice President only.

Back on 7 Nov 2020, when Democratic Vice President Joe Biden of Delaware was officially projected as the winner for the 46th President of the United States, I personally extended my congratulations to Joe and his lovely wife, Jill. While congratulating the Bidens, I have firmly refused to congratulate his all-time worst running mate, US Senator Kamala Harris of California. I have remained silent about her but I have mentioned Joe’s name only upon my personal congratulations posting on the social media networks. I have lots of respect for Joe Biden very much. Joe always has my support for his presidency since we are the moderate Democrats on most issues. However, in truth, I personally despise and politically oppose Kamala very much! Please read my article about the all-time worst ultra-liberal socialist and evil witch Kamala Harris’ bad histories during her political career as I fiercely hold her accountable for her secrets of evil anti-American issues to harm the American citizens. That is why I still REFUSE extending my congratulation to this witch. She is such a LOSER and anti-American HATER!

Although I really wanted to vote for Joe Biden only, I don’t regret that I did not vote for my Democratic Party’s ticket for the first time since 1992 in which I cast my first vote in my life. Kamala Harris is a REAL biggest deal! I am seriously concerned about the worst-case scenario for Joe, who will become the oldest 78-year-old president ever in history. Kamala is about to become the first female and color-person Vice President in history as well. Of course, I strongly believe with my guts that Kamala has her plots to humiliate and control Joe as she recklessly dares acting like the all-time most evil President ever in history while Joe acts like her Vice President or slave. YIKES! Suppose Joe dies in the office during his first term, Kamala would take over his place as the new President of the United States. YIKES! Whew! I am deeply troubled by Kamala’s dangerous values of anti-America, anti-Christianity, anti-job growth, pro-crime, pro-immigration and massive tax hikes. It is worth for you to read this excellent article about how dangerous we will be threatened under Kamala’s presidency. She is totally wrong that she recklessly loves controlling the American people.

As you see, Kamala Harris is clearly the biggest factor that I have firmly rejected my party’s presidential ticket since she has been on the same ticket with Joe Biden. That sucks! I feel very poor for Joe but I cannot help with it. Kamala is really very dangerous and disastrous for our American nation! I NEVER trust her at all! She is totally an EVIL WITCH! I can’t believe that 80 millions of American voters are still BLIND of Kamala’s secret background with a lot of bad histories and evil plots against the innocent Americans and politicians during her political career. Oh my!

In truth, I really wish that Joe Biden should have picked a better and friendlier qualified candidate with his or her moderate wing, strong bipartisanship and stronger support of American values such as US Senators Bob Casey Jr (PA), Kyrsten Sinema (AZ), Michael Bennet (CO), Amy Klobuchar (MN) and Maggie Hassan (NH) and Governors Steve Bullock (MT) and John Bel Edwards (LA). Had Joe Biden chosen the moderate-wing candidate with strong bipartisanship, I would definitely vote for my own party’s presidential party. Kamala Harris is really HORRIBLE and extremely UNQUALIFIED with lacks of her bipartisanship as she is extremely most partisan with her ultra-liberal ideology ever, according to GovTrack. GROSS! What an embarrassment!

I am still very angry and fiercely continue holding Kamala Harris accountable for her numerous evil things to harm the innocent American citizens such as leaving them homeless and recklessly supporting criminals, illegal immigrants and even sex predators. GROSS!

From the most recent election, I have learned a new lesson for the next presidential election. As I firmly cannot in good conscience support the all-time worst Democratic presidential Biden-Harris ticket, I can dare to write in for Joe Biden with another Vice Presidential name of my personal choice over anti-American bigot Kamala Harris in the 2024 presidential election when Joe is up for his re-election of the second and final term.

While I continue extending my congratulations to Joe and Jill Biden and wish them the best luck in the White House, I wish Kamala Harris NOTHING, period!!!!! In meantime, I have been praying to God through Jesus Christ for His protection of our America and freedom against the evil terrorism and communism!